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Monday19 November 2018

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Stellar Volume Repair

Scan, Repair & create backup of Mac volume(s)

Stellar Volume Repair is the most powerful and secure utility to rebuild a Mac's damaged volume directory. It uses a unique mechanism, which backup the data from the old directory and replaces it with a new one. In addition, it repairs corrupted files and folders on partitions making them error-free. Moreover, the software checks for error in multiple linked files, catalog file, volume bitmap, etc.

  • Repairs Volume errors on Mac OS X
  • Replaces the corrupt directory with the new one
  • Verifies and provides preview of the volume to be fixed
  • User-friendly approach to repair file and folders
  • Option to create Boot USB to repair start-up disk
  • Supports macOS Sierra 10.12 and below.

Stellar Volume Repair featured options

The software proves to be very useful to resolve crashes and errors occurred within the directory structure of your disk.

Some of the key features of the tool are as follows:

Repairs non-working or troubled Volume

The software can be used in fixing range of issues related to errors and damage in a Mac disk like issues with mount/dismount of any volume or any corruption in accessing the volume. The issues can arise while opening, saving, or deleting files on a Mac OS X volume. The tool analyzes the level of damage and takes the permission accordingly, to build the volume structure. However, if the volume errors are minor, they are repaired without having to rebuild the directory.

The Volume repair can be used for the following lists of errors

  • Invalid node structure
  • Keys out of order
  • Invalid key length
  • Invalid directory item count
  • Invalid extent entry
  • Invalid extent entry
  • Invalid record count
  • Invalid index key
  • Invalid sibling link
  • Invalid B-tree node size
  • Missing thread record
  • Invalid leaf record count
  • Invalid volume file count
  • Invalid volume directory count
  • Invalid volume free block count
  • Missing file record for file thread
  • Invalid root node number
  • Invalid map node
  • Invalid header node
  • Invalid directory record length
  • Invalid file or directory ID found
  • Indirect node needs link count adjustment
  • Incorrect folder count in a directory
  • HasFolderCount flag needs to be set
  • Invalid parent for directory iNode
  • Incorrect owner flags for directory hard link
  • Previous ID in a hard link chain is incorrect
  • Next ID in a hard link chain is incorrect
  • Incorrect flags for file iNode
  • Invalid volume header
  • Volume header needs minor repair
  • Volume bitmap needs minor repair
  • Incorrect number of thread records
  • Incorrect number of extended attributes
  • Incorrect number of Access Control Lists
  • Unused node is not erased
  • Invalid node height
  • Incorrect block count for file
  • Overlapped extent allocation
  • Invalid number of allocation blocks
  • Invalid BTH length
  • Overlapped node allocation
  • Invalid catalog record type
  • Invalid catalog PEOF
  • Invalid extent file PEOF
  • Invalid B-tree header
  • Catalog file entry not found for extent
  • Missing directory record
  • Invalid key for thread record
  • Invalid parent CName in thread record
  • Invalid BSD file type
  • Incorrect number of directory hard links
  • Incorrect number of file hard links
  • Invalid finder info for file hard link
  • Incorrect flags for file hard link
  • Orphaned file iNode
  • Invalid first link in hard link chain
  • Orphaned file hard link
  • Incorrect size for file

Rebuild a Volume Directory

  • The tool replaces the corrupt directory with a newly created directory. It takes the backup of the old directory and mounts the Mac volume in the new directory, which makes all your seemingly lost data accessible.

Verify Disk Permissions

  • You can verify disk permissions with various apple-originated files and folders present on all bootable volumes in the system containing any OS X.

Repair Permissions

  • This option is used if a volume with the operating system has developed permission issues with the files installed by the Mac OS X installer. It comes with an option "Repair Permission module", which checks if there are any problems with disk permissions granted to different users and identifies any issue with them and gives an option to repair them in case of any discrepancy.

Create Bootable USB

  • Volume Repair provides you an option to create a bootable USB to repair the boot volume of your Mac. You can select your boot disk to boot your system and fix your boot volume. However, if your Mac is not bootable, you can create bootable USB on another system of similar configuration. This bootable USB can then be used to boot your Mac and rebuild the corrupt volume directory.


  • The rich GUI makes the overall process very easy and quick to perform.


1. What are the most common errors for a damaged Mac directory?

Some of the most common error messages include:

  • Invalid key length
  • Invalid index key
  • Invalid leaf record count

2. Can I avoid minor volume corruption?

Yes. You can often use this tool to resolve any minor volume corruption before it turns into a major problem.

3. How can I repair, if my bootable USB is corrupt?

The tool provides you an option to create a bootable USB on a different system that has a similar hardware configuration as your Mac. You can then use the bootable disc to boot your troubled Mac and rebuild the corrupt directory of your system.

4. Can I repair the corrupt volume using the demo version?

No. You cannot repair and rebuild the corrupt volume directory using the demo version. The 'Demo' version of the software just enables you to create a bootable USB and scan Mac OS X volumes to find out if a repair is needed.


Free Download is 100% secure to install. It facilitates scanning of all OS X volumes and allows creation of a startup DVD. To repair an OS X volume, you need to register for the full version of the software.