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Sunday30 April 2017

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Stellar Smart Finder

Perfect Path Finder for Mac OS X

The Stellar Smart Finder is a utility to find files on your Mac disk. The tool quickly analyzes and visualizes the disk space. Once the file is located, you can easily open or remove a selected file. This helps you to to recover disk space by Finding and removing large useless and duplicate files. The set of duplicate files are represented by different colours, which helps in easy identification of the duplicate files. The tool provides three views - graphical, column and list view.

  • Scan selected volume, directory or any removable media
  • Option to find, open, and remove a selected file
  • Option to Rescan
  • Scan and remove duplicate files based on size
  • Provides graphical views for files and folders
  • Use color codes to represent sets of duplicate files
  • Compatible with Mac OS 10.5.0 and above

Features of Stellar Volume Repair

The tool uses a hierarchical structure to represent files and folders and their sizes. You can perform various sets of actions on these files

Mentioned below are a few salient features of the software.

Fresh Scan and Multiple Scan

The Smart Finder option enables you to scan selected volumes or directories. You can also analyze disk space and free your disk space by deleting large unused files. The tool also provides a provision of performing multiple scans on your already selected volume or folder.

Allows Multiple Operations on Files and Folders

The tool provides an interactive view which visualizes your OS X disk storage. This helps in quickly find the desired files and folders in the view and carry out various operations on them. You can easily delete large folders and some unnecessary files.

Open and Remove Files

You can either open or remove the files using this option. The tool allows you to open and view selected file/folder from the scanned result. It helps in verifying the file if you wish to remove them. In addition, if your scan result contains duplicate files, you can either remove all the duplicate files or selected item from the list to save large space on your hard disk.

Multiple Views

There are three types of views (graphical, column, list view) to represent scanned data.

  • Graphical View: Smart Finder shows the content of selected directory/volume/removable media as a sunburst chart. From this view you can easily analyze the space acquired by the folder and its contents.
  • Column View: This is another option to represent scanned data. In this view you can view lots of folders and files at once.
  • List View: This view lists all the files from the selected item you have chosen to scan. All the files are represented in a sorted (ascending order) manner according to size.

Scan and Removes duplicate files

The software helps in saving space on your disk by scanning and removing duplicate files. You can also add preference like removing the duplicate files greater than the size specified in the preferences in the selected directory, volume or any removable media. The duplicate files can be represented using a different set of colors, i.e. all files that are duplicates are represented with a same color.

Smart Finder

With this option you can easily visualize the structure of your hard drive. It shows your hard drive file/folders structure in graphical view with parentage of space taken by file/folders. This helps you to easily find out the large and duplicate files on your Mac.


1. What if, I want to remove files of a particular size?

The software provides a hierarchical tree map of files and folders along with their corresponding size. You can right-click a large-sized file or folder and perform any of the three operations: 'Open', 'Remove', and 'Reveal in Finder'.

2. Does the software support duplicate file removal?

Yes. The tool comes with a Smart Finder option, which enables searching and removing all duplicate files on your Mac. You can open these files and verify before removing them.

3. Can I remove the duplicate files using the demo version?

No. The 'Demo' version of Stellar Smart Finder searches for duplicate files in the selected folder or drive and displays them in the interface. However, in order to remove the duplicate files or perform any other desired operations, you need to purchase the product.