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Monday19 November 2018

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Stellar PST to MBOX Converter

Converts Outlook PST Files to MBOX Files

  • Facilitates easy conversion of PST files to MBOX files
  • Supports email clients like Thunderbird, Spicebird, SeaMonkey, and Netscape
  • Converts either an Outlook profile or any PST file
  • Provides preview of all mailbox items
  • Compatible with MS Office 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003
  • User friendly and secure software
  • Provides a log report

Stellar PST to MBOX Converter facilitates easy conversion of MS Outlook data(PST) files to MBOX files for various mail clients like Thunderbird, Spicebird, SeaMonkey or Netscape clients. Thus, the tool offers a high degree of flexibility to help wider range of users. In addition, the software offers a unique set of features that keeps the data in the same format even after conversion. Moreover, the software uses a special algorithm, which securely converts even a password-protected PST file to MBOX format.

Features of Stellar PST to MBOX Converter:

Stellar PST to MBOX Converter is the perfect platform for an easy and hassle-free email conversion from PST to MBOX. It encapsulates the features like security and reliability, and offers a remarkable experience to its users. The software fulfils the demands of all those who are planning to make a quick and safe switch from MS Outlook to MBOX format.

One of the most prominent demands of e-mail users is versatility. MBOX format file fulfils the demand of the majority of the users, as it can be used across a wide range of operating systems and email clients. Once converted, the MBOX format file can be used across multiple email clients like Thunderbird, Spicebird, SeaMonkey or Netscape.

Some of the key features of Stellar PST to MBOX Converter are:

Converts PST Files to MBOX Format

The software provides an easy way to convert complex PST files to MBOX format. The converted file retains the same format of the data. You can easily import the MBOX file to different email clients like Thunderbird, Spicebird, SeaMonkey or Netscape. It allows you to either convert your whole Outlook profile or an individual PST into MBOX format.

Supports wide range of Email Clients

The software allows you to switch from Outlook to other email clients. Stellar PST to MBOX Converter transfer all the mail data to MBOX files of Thunderbird, Spicebird, SeaMonkey or Netscape mail client.

Find PST Files in Selected Folder

The software comes with a feature to search a particular file. You can explicitly search for a file without knowing its location. The 'Find PST File' option helps you search for a file in any folder, subfolder, or drive in a few clicks.

Converts Password-Protected PST

The software is capable of converting a password-protected PST file into an equivalent MBOX format. It helps you to detect any password-protection applied to your Outlook PST. If detected, it prompts you to provide the password associated with the file. Thereafter it reads and extract all data from your mailbox for conversion.

Options to Select Outlook PST

With this software you can either select an Outlook profile or any PST file to convert into MBOX format.

Provides Preview of the Mail Components

The inbuilt feature allows you to preview any of the desired emails. The preview is visible in the main interface after conversion. Using this feature you can easily view the header and the body of the selected message.

Flexible Option to Save MBOX at Different Locations

The software provides you an option to save the converted mails at any desired location of your choice.


Disclaimer: The free trial version shows preview of converted mails without To, CC, & BCC fields.


1. How to import MBOX file in Thunderbird on Windows 8 platform?

You need to copy the converted mails to the following location:

   C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\ Profiles

Once you cave copied the converted mails, then you need to start the Thunderbird application. The converted mails are visible in the left pane under 'Local Folders'.

2. Can I convert MBOX files to PST file?

Yes. You can convert MBOX files to PST file using Stellar MBOX to PST converter.

3. Can I convert multiple PST files at the same time?

No. You can only convert an single PST file at a time.

4. Can I import the converted files to the email client “Thunderbird”?

Yes. Stellar PST to MBOX Converter supports Thunderbird. In addition, you can import the files to Spicebird, SeaMonkey or Netscape clients.

5. What if, the software is not supported by my system?

The software is very much compatible with the systems running on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. However, if the software doesn't suit your requirement, you can return the product within 30 days of purchase.