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Monday19 November 2018

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Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software repairs JPEG/JPG files corrupted due to JPEG / JPG header corruption

  • Bad sectors on hard drive
  • Virus infection
  • Human errors
  • Storage media mishandling

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is a complete one stop solution to recover corrupted JPEG/JPG files from any external media.

Some key features of Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair are:

Repairs Corrupt JPEG/JPG Files:

Stellar Phoenix Repair for JPEG software is most efficient tool for repairing JPEG/JPG files without any original data loss. No matter the JPEG/ JPG files are completely unreadable on hard drive, memory card, flash drive or any other external storage media, this software always proves itself with terrific results.

Shows the Preview of the Repaired JPEG/JPG Images :

The biggest advantage of this software is that you can see the preview of repaired jpeg files before saving them physically on storage media. This feature assures you that your JPEG files have been recovered and you are just a few clicks away to really get them.

Saves Repaired Files at User-Specified Location :

You can save the repaired files to any specified location. It could be any drive on your system or any external storage media.

Extracts and Repairs 'Thumbnails' :

The extract thumbnail feature of the software gives the freedom to user to extract and repair only the thumbnails of image files. Users can save these repaired thumbnails to their desired location.

User friendly interface :

Stellar JPEG/ JPG repair is a complete "do it yourself" software. This software comes with a user manual, but hardly anyone needs that. Options are very much self explanatory. If you are not computer savvy it is still for you .

Saves Thumbnails Along With Repaired JPEG/JPG Files :

Stellar Phoenix Repair for JPEG gives the option to repair thumbnails along with the JPEG / JPG image files. Just check the checkbox save thumbnails. Repaired thumbnails will be saved in thumbnail repaired folder that it would create on your specified storage media.

Windows and Mac compatible :

Stellar Phoenix Repair for JPEG is compatible with Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, and XP. If you are a Mac user it still works for you .It is compatible with the latest Mac OS X EI Capitan10.11.