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Monday19 November 2018

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Stellar Phoenix Windows RAID Recovery - Technician

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Technician is the best data recovery software that recovers lost, deleted data from fixed media, removable media, external hard drives and CD/DVD, RAID arrays etc.

  • SPWDR supports to recover the data from FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and ExFAT
  • Recovers all lost and deleted files and folders from RAID Arrays - 0, 1, 5, and 6
  • Recovers all your multimedia data such as, photos, audios, and videos
  • Recovers data from inaccessible CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, HD-DVD etc
  • Recovers lost and deleted emails from MS Outlook and Outlook Express

Key Features and Benefits

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Technician is the software that recovers just about everything. Here are some of the key features and benefits of the software.

RAID Drive Recovery

To recover data from the entire hard drive, run the 'Drive Recovery' on whole disk, removable drive or on individual volume. One volume or one hard drive can be recovered at one time. You can go for any of the recovery modules such as Quick Recovery, Deleted Recovery, Advanced Recovery, and Raw Recovery depending on the requirement and nature of data loss.

Save Scan Information

Once scan process is completed or aborted midway, you can save the current scan information in to some desired location. The scan information is saved in the form of an .IMG file. Data recovery can be done using this .IMG file at any later point of time.

Search for Lost or Deleted Volumes

At times, you face situations, such as no volume is found in the storage drive due to data corruption. You can execute this process that will give all possible volumes list existing in the storage drive. This module gives option to run either 'Quick Scan' or 'Deep Scan'.

  • Quick Scan: This is a fast process to scan the entire storage drive and gives quick output.
  • Deep Scan: This is slower than Quick Scan process; however, it gives better output than Quick Scan.

Optical Media Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Technician supports to recover the data from inaccessible CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RW, Blu-ray Discs burnt on Windows, Linux, UNIX or MAC systems. The process scans optical media for recovery. You can select one optical disk at a time for scanning. Software supports different types of file systems like ISO9660, Joliet, UFS, HFS, and Rock Ridge.

Photos and Videos Recovery

You may lose your precious memory in the form of photographs due to data corruption or accidental deletion from your storage drive. The tool helps you to recover your photographs, audio, video files with ease. You can select any volume or complete disk drive to scan for the image files. There is the option where you can select multiple image file types for including in scanning process. It scans the entire media to get the best possible result that helps you to recover your lost or deleted multimedia data.

Outlook Recovery

Email recovery is a very helpful feature of the software. The tool provides the option to recover your deleted or lost emails. It supports both PST and DBX files created by Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express respectively. There are two options found on Email Recovery section; one is to select PST or DBX file to recover emails second is to find PST or DBX file in any specific volume.

Create Image and Recovery

You can create image of any individual volume or entire storage drive. By using this image you can recover the deleted or lost data. The image will be saved on desired location in .IMG format. You can run recovery process by selecting this image to get the data back.

RAID Recovery

SPWDR recovers the data from corrupt or damaged RAID arrays. RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 6 (Reed Solomon) are supported by the tool. It supports software RAID also.

Special RAID Recovery Features:

  • If you do not remember the parity type, then software can manipulate the parity type
  • If you do not remember the disks order in which they were arranged when RAID was created, then software can manipulate the order itself
  • If you do not remember the block size, then you can provide multiple probable block size and software can manipulate the block size
  • After manipulating all the probable possibilities, it will show you the probable options and you can select any option to continue recovery process
  • You can search lost or deleted volumes in entire RAID array

Booting with CD to Recover the Data

If your operating system gets crashed or OS drive gets formatted accidently or due to any reason you are not able to boot the machine with your OS drive. In this case, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Technician helps you to recover your data by booting the machine with a CD. You can easily boot the machine with this CD and you can recover all the data from your storage drive.


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