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Monday19 November 2018

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery- Home

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Home

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home is the best windows data recovery software to recover lost or deleted data from hard drive, pen drives, SD memory cards and any other removable media.

  • Restore lost or deleted data from any Windows-based storage devices
  • Allows to search and recover any specific file type from the drive
  • Offers multiple saving options to save the digital media space
  • Shows the estimated time for recovery of data
  • Efficiently scans drive more than 2TB
  • Supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

Key Features and Benefits

 Recover Formatted Data from Windows OS Based Storage

There are several instances of data loss in day-to-day life, which leave us with huge financial, personal, and professional loss. For common home users, it even becomes critical to understand and deal with the data loss. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home is an ideal solution, which is easy and efficient, yet affordable tool to recover any kind of lost data from your Windows OS based computers, laptops, Smartphones, USB external drives etc.

Search & Recover Deleted Windows Partition

With the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Home, you can recover all your data from lost and deleted Windows - FAT, exFAT, and NTFS volumes. The software employs smart scanning engine to check for the existing as well as lost or deleted Windows volumes (or partitions) and fetch every possible bit of data from there.

Smart Preview of Files Before Saving

The preview before saving option of the software is wonderful. The software lists all the recoverable data files according to their file types, deleted list, and tree view after it scans the selected volume or hard drive. You just need to click the particular file and see its preview in the preview window on its right. This feature is helpful to verify that the data lost is recoverable.

Deleted Folder Recovery

With this Windows data recovery software, you can recover all your deleted or lost folders from the hard drive or external storage media connected to the system. To perform this, you have to select 'Folder' option under 'Documents, Folders & Emails' section and start scanning the drive or partition from where you want to recover folder. Software will list all the deleted folders in the left pane, and you can see the preview of your data in the right pane of the software.

Supports Recovery from 5 TB Drives

The enhanced recovery mechanism of the software supports recovery from modern larger hard drives with 2TB or more capacity. This is an advantage of the software with an extra edge to support scanning and recovery of larger Windows partitions.

Multimedia File Recovery

There is a special module for 'Multimedia Files' recovery in the software which help you to recover all lost or deleted multimedia files including photos, audios and videos. The software also supports recovery of these files from all memory cards, modern digital cameras, and removable external storage media.

Resume Recovery

This powerful windows file recovery tool allows you to save the scan information to save your precious time. You can save scan result of a complete or incomplete recovery process as DAT file. You can resume recovery by selecting the DAT file without scanning the drive again.

File Type based Recovery

After the scanning of the partition or the selected storage media, you can further customize the searched list based on the file types. With this feature, you can filter similar files (for example .img, .gif etc) in a separate folder. This makes recovery of very specific or targeted files even easier.

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