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Monday19 November 2018

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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery - Professional

Advanced Data Recovery Application to Restore Lost Files on Mac

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery lets you pull out Mac files that have been lost, deleted, or formatted from hard drives, external storage media, optical media, or other Mac based devices without any hassle. The software lets you “Recover Everything” or selectively recover data from HFS, HFS+, FAT32, ex-FAT and NTFS file systems without modifying any original content. Take a look at the product’s key features:l features:

  • Customized Scan support to recover documents, recover media, or recover everything
  • Automatic switching to Deep Scan for severely corrupted hard drives
  • Large fragmented data recovery support in HFS+ File System
  • HD-MOV recovery support
  • Easy data recovery from password protected (Encrypted) drives
  • Can’t Find Volume option to detect missing Mac volumes

With support for over 100 file formats, this competent Mac file recovery software acts as a one-stop solution for reinstating data that has gone missing from multiple file systems. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional is fully compatible with macOS High Sierra 10.13 and all previous Mac OS X versions up to 10.6.

Salient Features of Product

Deleted Recovery

While trying to purge Mac of old unnecessary files and applications, users may inadvertently delete important files. Files emptied from Mac Trash or deleted using the Command + Option+ Shift + Delete operation cannot be retrieved except with the help of a powerful Mac file recovery application like Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional. Armed with advanced techniques, this product successfully recovers up to 100% of lost / deleted documents, photos, audios, videos, emails, as well as archives.

Lost Partition Recovery

If Mac partitions vanish unexpectedly owing to unpreventable factors, you don’t need to worry about inaccessibility of data stored on them. With Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional, you can detect all volumes that previously existed on your Mac hard drive and make them accessible. Once lost volumes have been located, the data recovery feature of the software can be used to pull out lost data from the lost volume. The latest version of the product (v8.0) includes a dedicated “Can’t Find Volume” option for HFS, FAT32, NTFS and ex-FAT partitions on its revamped interface.

Time Machine and Encrypted Drive Recovery

Two of the most attractive features of the software are Time Machine backup drive recovery and Encrypted drive recovery. Mac data recovery version 8.0 supports Time Machine Backup recovery and sparse bundle disk image from Apple Time Capsule. All you need to do is connect your Time Machine drive to the Mac and initiate recovery process on it. And if your Time Machine drive or internal hard drive or any other external hard drive is password protected, that’s no problem for this powerful application; just key in the password when prompted to unlock the drive and proceed with recovery.

Create Disk Image

Worried your Mac hard drive is developing bad blocks? Secure the data on the good ones by creating a disk image using the software’s Create Image feature. Through this feature you can create a sector-by-sector image of your entire storage media or a selected range and save it as a Disk Image (DMG) file. This file can be loaded into the software at a later stage to start retrieving data if needed.

Additional Features

Improved RAW Scan

The latest version of Mac data recovery software comes packed with improved RAW scan capability for multiple file systems. This RAW scan is especially useful if the usual recovery methods don’t yield the recovery results you’re looking for. RAW Scan now supports recovery for document formats like MDB, ACCDB, WPD, SDW, WK, etc, photo formats like WP, CDR, CPT, VSD, DWG, etc, audio formats like M3D and CDA, video formats like AVS, DVM, QT, ANM, ANI, etc, and many more. option.

Resume Recovery

Hard pressed for time? Stop a running scan at any point and save scan information as a Disk Image (DMG) file. When you’re ready to recover data, simply load the scan image into the software to resume recovery from where you left off. The enhanced UI of the software makes this easier than ever before.

Multiple Previews

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional (8.0) comes laced with a multitude of previewing options. Once drive scan has been completed, recoverable data is listed in a tree-view list in the software’s left hand panel from where you can preview anything you like. You can organize recoverable files Classic list for original tree, File List for category extension, and deleted list for deleted data as well as RAW Data. Moreover, you can now preview corrupted files in safe mode both in Thumb view and running preview.

GUI Enhancements

SPMDR 8.0 scores major points in terms of GUI improvements. Many new customization options have been added like selective recovery (Recover Everything / Recover Documents / Recover Media, etc), option to turn preview on / off, improvements for load Scan, Select Region, Create Image, Zoom In and Zoom Out Slider in Thumbnail View, etc.


Disclaimer:This software is 100% safe, virus-free and comes in FREE DOWNLOAD mode. It will show the preview of all recoverable data. To save the data on a media, one needs to REGISTER the software.