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Thursday28 May 2015

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Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery

Reinstates vanished files & data on Mac OS X. Support all Intel Mac machines

      • Supports data recovery from iPod classic & shuffle, CD/DVD/BD.
      • Wide range of file formats from digital camera added into the software
      • Option to add newly created file formats into the software.
      • Quicker scan engine to speedup the process.
      • Detects an unmounted disk & support file recovery from it.
      • Get back lost, even deleted partitions.
      • Easy to free download on Mac Intel
      • Compatible with OS X Yosemite 10.10

This software competently scans Mac hard drive & other supported media for recovery of deleted files. It is clever enough to detect healthy as well as logically unhealthy Mac hard drive& partitions. It supports file recovery on HFS & HFS +, FAT, Ex-FAT and NTFS (Boot Camp) partitions. Software locates &restores deleted movies, audio-video files, document files and digital photos of nearly all formats.

Recover Files & Folders through plenty of robust features

Quick Recovery performs fast scan of selected drive :

This feature of the software launches a rapid scan on the OS X volume & begins to recover files that were deleted permanently from the Mac machine. Being Quick, it saves considerable amount of time & effort.

Deleted Recovery restores deleted files :

Permanently deleted files now could be restored with the help of Deleted Recovery option. Though it may take some more time to scan the media, but it is much advance & result-oriented than the Quick Recovery option. Just connect or select the media to Mac & run this feature, which will vigorously scan the drive to search for deleted files & folders.

Search & Regain Lost & Formatted Volumes :

Not only files, but Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery takes charge of searching volumes too that were either deleted or misplaced due to some corruption. Once the missing volumes are listed through scan, one can choose the volume to regain all files & folders from it.

Support recovery of NTFS hard drives & Boot Camp :

Not only files, but Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery takes charge of searching volumes too that were either deleted or misplaced due to some corruption. Once the missing volumes are listed through scan, one can choose the volume to regain all files & folders from it.

Support for NTFS hard drives & Boot Camp :

Just like scanning HFS or Ex-FAT volumes, this software analyses the NTFS storage media to pull out deleted files, folders, documents &photos. User can also scan their boot camp partition to restore deleted files.

Selective option to restore media files :

With built-in ‘Photo Recovery’ module of the software, user can perform selective recovery of media files only. The media files could be user’s photographs, images, audio, video etc. (other than data). The software again supports different devices like digital cameras, iPods, Pen-Drives& External HDD. This helpful software also extends support for plenty of file formats for digital images, audio-video file. ‘Photo Recovery’ feature of the software is life-saving utility especially for professional photographers.

Portable device recovery through software :

Data from a CD/DVD & Blu-Ray disc along with iPod (classic & shuffle) can now be recovered. User also need not worry about partially burned data on an optical disk, because this software is capable enough to extract data even from an incomplete burned media. You can insert the partially burned disk into Mac & test with the demo of the software to preview recovered files.

RAW Recovery option for corrupted data?

RAW Recovery is a sophisticated option available to the user, which is to be used when one is sure about the file or media corruption. P.S – A corrupt media may not be recognized by Quick/Deleted Recovery option; in that case one must use the option RAW RECOVERY. This advance module searches the deleted files through their respective file signatures. It also has the ability to scan portions of a hard drive that went corrupted due to some reason. Overall, data comprising of 122 diverse file formats can be recovered through this option.

Create Image option to recover data from a failing hard drive :

At times, HDD develops bad sectors and begins to reflect sign of failure. In such cases, user can take proactive measures by using the feature of the software, ‘Create Image’. To use this feature, click ‘Create Image’ button from the main window of the software. This will enable user to select a particular media (a HDD or a partition) and begin creating its image. The image can be saved on a destination, which must be other than the source itself.

Resume Recovery uploads & scans an Image (DMG) file:

With this feature of the software, user is able to upload an image file (DMG) and scan it for recovery. As mentioned in earlier point, user can create image of a failing hard drive and later upload it through Resume Recovery to make recovery of files.

Few more options worth to mention:

  • GUI made friendly for all kind of users :

The interface is made as simple as possible to provide rich user-experience.

  • Preview of recovered files :

Preview of files are generated in each and every recovery option. This help user to perform selective recovery of deleted files& folders.

  • Disk Support :

User can opt for this software along with a boot disk to make recovery of files from an inaccessible Mac OS X.

Data Recovery Tips for OS X Mac users :

  • Stop reuse of devices, volumes once a file is deleted or formatted. Reusing the device increases the risk of overwriting the deleted files from the media.
  • Always save the recovered files on a separate location other than the source media. Best if user can save the recovered files on an external hard drive.
  •  Before using the software, always check ‘Preferences’ window to make your preferred settings. This way, you can search for the selected file formats rather than searching for all.


Disclaimer: This software is 100% safe, virus-free and comes in FREE DOWNLOAD mode. It will show the preview of all recoverable data. To save the data on a media, one needs to REGISTER the software.