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Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for android is a free tool that can simplify even the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations in Android devices. This tool is capable of rectifying the lost data issues due to multiple causes, including human error, viruses, factory reset, system format, accidental deletion, rooting issues and more.


Free Android Data Recovery:

This tool is the single solution for every type of data loss situations in an Android devices. With its easy interface and highly efficient modules, you will surely be able to recover deleted files from Android phone, tablet or other Android based devices. You will be able to recover completely lost contact details, Email Ids, photos, etc. from internal and external memory of your Android smart device.

Deleted Android Photos Recovery:

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android is an all-in-one Android recovery software that offers the most perfect solution to recover deleted photos from Android device. You can also restore your photos from a formatted android device or memory card. Remember, this tool recovers only those pictures that follow JPEG or JPG file format.

Recover deleted text messages::

This Android recovery software has expertise in data recovery process, therefore, it can retrieve data from each and every instance of data, such as text messages from Android device. It will easily restore your all the deleted or lost text messages available on your device like tablet or smart phone. In order to start the process just scan for messages from the software.

Support recovery from both internal and external storage media

This software recovers data from both external and internal storage media and successfully retrieve lost or deleted data files. You just need to install and run stellar android recovery program on your Android device and it will automatically provide you option of recovery from internal memory or inserted memory card.

Contacts Recovery:

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android also offers you to recover your important lost or deleted contacts. Today, people don't take backup of their phone's contacts, which make them regret whenever a data loss situation occurs. In order to recover your contact details, just run the software on your device and follow the instructions available for contact recovery. Additionally, this tool allows you to extract all the all contacts and messages from your phone whether they are the deleted or existing.

Scan Android device:

This recovery software is designed to initiate the scanning process automatically. It scans your complete Android device and list the recoverable files on the main interface. After successful scanning you can restore the found files by selecting them, and can save them on your Android device. Make sure, you have done with the rooting part before running the software.

Preview Recoverable Data

After successful scan, the software list all the found files on the main interface. You can preview all those files available on the list by selecting them before recovery. Additionally, the software also facilitates you the option to save all the files on your Android device or over any FTP site. You can also share the recovered files via multiple social sites, such as Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Google Drive, and more.

Compatible Android brands

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android is compatible with almost manufacturers of Android phones, and tablets, such as Sony, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Google, ZTE, etc. along with various versions of Android such Galaxy S3, S4,S5 etc. This software can recover lost or deleted data from internal as well as external memory of the Android devices.

Recover android data after factory reset

Often people accidentally select the factory reset option and lost all the data. A factory reset is also called master reset that wipes out all the information available on the Android devices and return it to the default settings. After factory reset, the complete data will be removed from the Android device, like contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, music files, documents, and other files. If it is not intentional, then factory reset could be a worse condition of data loss. However, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android is capable of recovering the lost data due to factory rest as well, within few steps.

Steps to Perform Android Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for Android allows you to recover your lost or deleted data within three simple steps:

  • Run: Download and run application from Google Play Store. On the main interface, it will provide you three icons of recovery, Contact, Photo and Messages.
  • Scan: Initiate the scan. After a successful scan it will list all the recoverable files on the screen. Here you can select the files to preview them
  • Save: Now, you will be asked to recover data from internal or external media, choose one to complete the process and choose a location to save the files (Contact, Photo and Messages). In order to save the file the tool offers you three options 'FTP Site', 'File Sharing' and 'Save to Memory', select one to proceed.

Note: To run the application, you need to have root permission.


Can I recover my deleted applications?

No, the software doesn't support this feature till now

Is there any module to recover my Android game levels?

No, till now there is no such option available on this version of the software

Can I recover my Audio and Video files from my Android device?

Yes, it will recover your all mp3 file and video files

Is there any option to save my data in an external memory card?

Yes, the software provides you the option to save the recovered data into external card.

Is there any size limit criteria that the software follows?

No, there is no size limitation, you can recover your complete data stored on your Android device.