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Monday19 November 2018

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Stellar Drive ToolBox

A complete pack of useful tools to manage your Mac

The Stellar Drive Tool Box is a comprehensive collection of efficient tools. It keeps your hard drives in good condition by providing optimization, protection, repair, and management capabilities. It takes care of your Mac hard drive health and performance and alerts you about the health of your hard drive before they get major damage. In addition, you can increase your Mac speed by removing junk files and improve your system performance by defragmenting your hard drive.

  • Run Mac cleaner to remove junk files from hard drive
  • Track unwanted duplicate files in your hard drive
  • Powerful de-fragmentation engine for fast and accurate results
  • Monitor's disk health and gives timely notification
  • Manage & Resizes Mac & Boot Camp partition
  • Supports duplicate files searching for iTunes, iWork, iPhoto Aperture and iMovies
  • SSD Support & Yosemite Compatibility

Features of Stellar Drive Tool Box

Some salient features of the utility are listed below

SpeedUp Now:

This Mac cleaner utility helps to improve the performance of your Mac with its powerful and enhanced user interface. It find out Caches, Logs, Large Files, Duplicate Files, Login items, Language Files, Universal Binaries, Applications, Widgets and Plug-ins, etc. and remove them accordingly. With new 'Quick Scan' and 'Strict Scan' options, you can find duplicate files from Mac hard disk, secondary storage, and other applications, like iTunes, iWork, iPhoto Aperture and iMovies. Additionally, 'Recommended Scan' and 'Custom Scan' options are used to scan startup volume & non-bootable volumes respectively.

Drive Defragmentation:

The 'Drive Defrag' option is equipped with an improved de-fragmentation engine to get faster access to the disk volume by providing secure disk defragmentation. It provides a graphical view, which helps in easy analysis and selection of the disk to be defragmented. Drive Defrag consolidate all data in one place and free space any unused space. In addition, it reduces the read/write time of a file.

Drive Clone

You can either clone a volume or entire drive. Its new user interface allows you to clone a volume in three different ways. You can clone to a volume, to a network volume or to a folder. This helps in avoiding any adverse situation where there is a chance of losing important data and provides you an option to take backup. In addition, with this tool you can also schedule automatic data backup as per your convenience. Drive clone is supported by all Mac and Windows hard drives, as it supports the MBR partition map scheme.

Partition Manager:

The software eases the daunting task of partition management on Mac. It makes the tough task of organizing data much easier as and when required. You can easily resize HFS+ & FAT formatted partition and Boot Camp Support partition without data loss. In addition, the tool can carry out risk-free partitioning operations such as Add Partition, Delete Partition, Format Partition, and Hide/Reveal Partitions.

Drive Monitor

Drive Monitor is a unique feature, which helps in monitoring the performance, health and attributes of your hard drive. It carries out every process in the background without affecting the user activity. It raises an alarm whenever the parameter doesn't match the threshold value. For example, if drive monitor gives any alert about hard drive attributes you can take backup of selected files/folders by this.

Smart Finder

Path Finder for Mac can easily visualize the structure of your hard drive. Its new user interface offers you two powerful scanning options Quick Scan and Strict Scan, which are used to find all the duplicates and list them under All Files, Audio, Video, Photos, Documents, Miscellaneous categories. Smart finder shows your hard drive files and folders structure in graphical view with parentage of occupied space. This helps you to easily find out the large and duplicate files on your Mac. Moreover, with this tool you can also find duplicate files for iTunes, iWork, iPhoto Aperture and iMovies applications.


You can Wipe out all confidential information on your Mac. There are different algorithms available to wipe data. You can wipe anything you want like files/folders, volumes, Instant Messaging, Logs, Recent File Histories, internet activity and more. However, you won't get your wiped information back.


Shield helps you to recover deleted files and folders. This option allows you to take an image of your hard drives at a convenient time. You can use this image to recover your deleted files/folders.

Volume repair

You can easily find out and resolve any errors and corruptions related to your volume. You can easily repair check and repair your corrupt volumes.

Disk Editor

The Raw Data Editor is a new advanced utility to read and edit hard drive and volume structure. This tool can access and modify files on byte level, which cannot be changed once saved. Mac expert users can fix the minor corruption in the file system structure by change the HEX values.


Benchmark helps you check your hard drive read/write speed. You can check your hard drive data transfer rate on the current system configuration and compare it with pre-stored system configuration. It shows your hard drive data transfer rate in three different graphical views (Bar Graph, Line Graph, Raw Value).

Data Encryptor

Data Encryptor adds an additional layer of security to your data. It provides a password protected encryption security of your files/folder. It uses strong algorithms to encrypt files/folders. This helps in protecting the data from unwanted person. You can choose encrypted algorithm from the list and then software applies this algorithm on the files/folder.


1. Can I clean my non-bootable volumes with this software?

Yes, Stellar Speedup Mac utility allows cleaning of Startup drive (Recommended Scan) and non-bootable partitions (Custom Scan). It can also clean external disk drives using custom scan option.

2. Can I configure the software to get Email Notification?

Yes. Stellar Drive Tool Box provided a process completed notification. You can set an Email id in the preference to get the process complete notification.

3. Is the software compatible with Mac OS X 10.6?

Yes. The software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and above.

4. How useful is Disk Editor utility of Stellar Drive Toolbox?

Disk Editor is meant for professional users who are well aware of their Mac disk structure. Using Disk Editor, users can edit drive's HEX information. It is most suitable for recovering important data if the drive becomes corrupt or inaccessible.