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Monday19 November 2018

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Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair

Facilitates easy repair and recovery of MS Access database files

Stellar Phoenix Access Database Recovery is an ideal tool to repair corrupt Microsoft Access database files like MDB or ACCDB. This helps in restoring deleted and damaged objects from the corrupt database to a new database. The tool is widely supported across different operating systems.

  • Recovers MS Access database files
  • Restores database objects like tables, queries, indexes, and relations
  • Supports recovery of deleted records
  • Retrieves data from linked tables
  • Retrieve password-protected forms and modules
  • Supports different languages like Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, etc.
  • Supports MS Access 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2002/2000
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/2003/XP

Features of Stellar Phoenix Access Repair

This Stellar Phoenix Access Repair is a smart tool with the ability to recover maximum data from corrupt MS Access database. Some of the prominent features of Stellar Phoenix Access database recovery are

Repair Database

Stellar phoenix access repair is a damage control tool, which helps to overcome the various scenarios of MS Access corruption. The various reasons for corruption includes hardware failures, software conflicts, and inconsistencies in the database design. Some of the common errors due to database corruption includes:

Error 3343: This error indicates an unrecognized database format

Error 294755: This error is due to corrupt VBA Project error

Error 48960: This error means a corrupt database for VB project

Provides Preview

The software provides an interface to preview the data after scanning. The interface separately displays data of tables, Queries, and Column information. This helps in maintaining the consistency by easily verifying the scanned objects.

Track Items in the Scan Tree

With the help of this feature user can choose selected objects for recovery. User can choose desired objects from a long list of scanned items and save significant amount of time.

Supports all Access Database Objects

This option assures a complete Access database recovery. The software uses an advance algorithm to recover OLE objects like Forms, Reports, Tables, Deleted Records, VBA Modules, and Macros. In addition you can repair Indexes (Primary key, Unique key), and relationship (One to one, One to many, and many to many relationship).

Retrieves Data from Linked Tables

The tool has the ability to recover linked tables. Linked tables are those tables, which are linked to different database or any different source. These linked tables sources could be CSV files, SQL server table, XML file, Text file, dbase file, paradox file, access file(All versions), Lotus 1-2-3 file, and HTML document etc.

Recovery of Deleted Records

The software provides an advance option to recover deleted records from the database. User needs to select the option "Scan for Deleted Records", which will show up all the deleted records to be recovered. It allows recovery of all types of fields from the table. The deleted records are easily recovered in a separate table with same column properties.

Saves Repaired File at User-specified Location

The softwares saves the repaired file in its default location. However, you can also save the file at any desired location.

Covers all Common Access Database Corruption Errors

All common errors arising due to corruption can be fixed by this tool. Some of the common errors covered by this tool includes unrecognized database format, file.mdb is not a database file, Microsoft Jet database engine fails to find the object, and many others.


1. What if, the linked tables are corrupt?

The software has the ability to recover corrupt linked tables.

2. Will the software work for "unrecognized database" error?

Yes. The software works for all common errors, such as unrecognized database, Microsoft Jet database engine error, etc.

3. What is the minimum requirement to save the recovered database?

In order to save the recovered Access database you need to install MS Access on your computer.

4. Which is the easiest way to know if the mdf file is corrupt?

The most common error message due to corrupt mdf file is 'Microsoft Office has detected - 'this database is in inconsistent state...'.