Monday19 November 2018



Fix Gray Screen of Death, Beach Ball of Death, Black Screen at Startup, Empty Blue Screen in Mac OS X?


A majority of such cases where your Mac gets stuck on a gray screen or displays a black screen at startup are usually associated with problems with your OS X drive. The problem can be either software or hardware related, i.e. your hard disk may have bad permissions, file system corruption, or some kind of physical damage. In other cases, a bad stick of RAM can be the potential culprit. Basic troubleshooting for this involves fixing disk permissions, repairing the disk, replacing the damaged hardware components, or even reinstalling Mac OS X.

You can follow the below given procedure to work around these common Mac OS X startup issues:

  • Insert the Mac OS X Install disc into your CD/DVD drive and restart your Mac while continuously pressing the 'C' key on your keyboard. This enables you to boot your Mac from the inserted optical disc.
  • Specify a preferred language. On the next screen, click 'Utilities' on the menubar and then select 'Disk Utility'.
  • On the Disk Utility window, choose your startup disk from the left pane. Click 'Repair Disk' button to start repairing the selected volume. The process fixes all the file system errors.
  • Click 'Repair Disk Permissions' to repair permissions on System files and folders.
  • Restart your Mac and see if the above fixes solve your problem.
  • If the problem still persists and you have the latest Time Machine backup, reinstall Mac OS X and restore the lost data using the backup.
  • If you have no backups, get a new Mac and use 'migration assistant' to migrate any number of accounts from your troubled Mac to the new one.
  • Once the migration is completed, reinstall OS X on your troubled Mac by booting from the Install disc. You should select the 'Erase and Install' option to clean out everything on the drive.
  • Migrate the account back to the troubled Mac. After this step, run Software Update from Apple menu.

You can now use your Mac as before with all the data intact. If you still face problems, you should visit an Apple retail store.