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Stellar Drive Defrag

Stellar Derive Defrag is a comprehensive utility that performs de-fragmentation of Mac hard drive and optimizes the performance of your Mac. Some of its salient features are as follows:

  • Defrag HFS formatted hard drives
  • Remove file fragmentation from an encrypted file system
  • Optimized free spaces on disk drive
  • 4 Sophisticated algorithms to defrag Mac
  • Allows creation of bootable DVD
  • Defrags macOS Sierra Hard Drive


Organize Free Space:

This professional utility arranges the free and occupied spaces of Mac hard drives so that it can read the files more efficiently. This process helps to improve the overall performance of the Mac and also utilizes the free space for a better and contiguous storage.

Distinguishes Free and Used spaces with different colors:

The software is equipped with a feature, where it allots the similar color to the same category of memory blocks during the defrag process. Additionally, you are also allowed to change the color of the category blocks according to your preference. This will help you to effectively plan the complete defragment process on your Mac hard drive.

Module to show Drive Temperature

While defragmenting Mac, the temperature of Mac hard drive increases, which could be a problem. In order to overcome this issue, the software has a temperature scale, which shows the actual temperature status of the hard drive. This module is designed to alert you about your hard drive so that you could take necessary actions when the heat is about to cross the threshold level.

Defrag Mac file(s)

This powerful utility runs with multiple efficient algorithms that logically collect all the scattered data on the Mac drive and arrange them in a contiguous manner. It reduces the fragmentation available in the Mac volume and shows the data in an easier way. Moreover, this tool also allows you to perform the defragmentation process on a single file or on multiple files simultaneously.

Full Defragmentation

The software is smart enough to identify the exact space for data allocation on your Mac hard drive. It smoothly defrag the complete scattered data of the hard drive and accurately places in a continuous manner. The software efficiently manages the used and unused space and categorizes the disk space into multiple attributes, like overflow, catalog, allocation, attribute, fragmented, data, and unused space.

Metadata Defragmentation

This software also defrag all the metadata files stored on your Mac volume, along with the catalog, allocation, extent overflow, and attribute files. This increases access to the file information on the hard drive and make it faster and more efficient.

Quick Defragmentation

A new module called 'Quick Defragmentation' is featured in this software that defrags all fragmented files stored in Mac hard drive. With the help of this feature the need of complete defragmentation of the Mac hard drive is reduced, and the overall speed of the process is increased.

Create Bootable USB

This tool facilitates you to create a bootable Mac USB to perform an efficient de-fragmentation process on your Mac hard drive. This USB boot your Mac machine and complete the defrag process on the boot volume of your Mac system. OS X El Capitan users need to download the bootable image ('.dmg' file) before creating the USB in order to defrag the bootable partition of Mac machines.

Email Notifications after successful process

After the successful defragmentation process this software allows you to send the email notifications on your specified email id. In order to get an email notification after task completion, you just need to choose 'Preferences' option on 'StellarDriveDefrag' menu and enter the email ids to receive the alert notifications on your email id.

Shows Hard Drive Volumes in block format

When you run the software, it will show the complete Mac hard drive as a group of blocks, which are differently colored for fragmented files, normal files, and free spaces. This module helps you to identify the actual positions of your stored files in the hard drive and also show the result after successful defrag process. Additionally, in the left pane window of the software also show the temperature of your hard drive on a temperature scale.

Option to View Path of File in a Block

Another efficient module of the tool is, it shows the path of a file after selecting a specific block. Whenever, you click on a block, the file stored in that block will be highlighted and show the 'Files' view. This module will help you to allow you to identify all the fragmented files stored on your hard drive.


1. How to defrag startup drive?

In order to initiate the defragging process on the startup drive, you need to create a bootable DVD first, as it is not possible to defrag an OS drive directly. After creating the bootable DVD, you can easily boot the system with this bootable drive and defrag your startup volume.

2. How defragging Mac drive helps boost performance?

When you store a data on a Mac hard drive and if the file is over a certain size, then it will store in multiple 'chunks' or fragments instead of the contiguous sequence of bits in a single place on the storage volume. Over the time, both the file and the volume itself become fragmented, and make the Mac drive slow, as the heads of the hard drive have to move over places to open a file. Disk defragmentation is the process that arranges the scattered or fragmented data on a volume so that the heads of the hard drive do not have to work a lot, which make the work smoothly.