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Stellar DBX to PST Converter

Converts Outlook Express files (DBX) into compatible MS Outlook files (PST)

  • Provides option to search for DBX files
  • Simultaneous conversion of multiple DBX and identities
  • Maintains the mailbox folder hierarchy during the conversion process
  • Provides option to choose the existing PST file to append new mails
  • Provision to save emails in PST and EML formats
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, & Vista
  • Convert DBX file in PST, MSG, EML, RTF, HTML and PDF Formats
  • Allows to save DBX file directly in Office 365

Stellar DBX to PST Converter is the perfect tool that will help you migrate the data from Outlook Express to MS Outlook. It solves the migration problem by converting the Outlook Express files (DBX) into equivalent MS Outlook files (PST). The application can scan and convert a single or multiple DBX file. In addition, it provides a preview of mails, which helps in the selective conversion of the mail items. The preview also helps in selecting the desired items to be saved in a different format.


The software uses an advance algorithm, which makes the conversion process more reliable and safe. This helps in converting even bulky DBX files without any hassle.

Some of the prominent features offered by Stellar DBX to PST Converter are as follows:

Switch from Outlook Express to MS Outlook

While switching to MS Outlook you can safely move your data from Outlook Express format to MS Outlook format. MS Outlook offers various advanced features in comparison to Outlook Express. The features like Contacts, Drafts, Notes, Calender etc., make the software more professional. In addition, it supports more data storage as compared to Outlook Express. These are the reasons why usually Outlook Express users switch to MS Outlook. So, if you have been using Outlook Express and now planning to switch over to MS Outlook, you cannot do it manually, as it will hamper the integrity and security of the data. So, the software proves to be safe and secure when it's come to data integrity.

Converts Contact from Outlook Express to MS Outlook

In addition, DBX to PST converter also converts Outlook Express Address Book in outlook PST format. To convert WAB file in to PST file, select option i.e. 'Convert WAB to PST' and initiates the conversion process. After getting resultant PST file, you can even save converted WAB file in different file formats like PST, VCF and CSV.

Searches all DBX Files in the System

Using Stellar DBX to PST Converter, you can easily search and locate DBX files in the system. The advance search feature enables you search for a DBX file even if you don't know the location of the file. It saves the time by avoiding the daunting task of browsing through each and every sub-folder. You can also manually select the DBX file if you know the location.

At-a-time Conversion of all DBX files into PST

Stellar DBX to PST Converter provides a feature called 'Select Identity', which detects your default Identity (Mailbox) path or enables you to select a single DBX file or a single identity folder containing multiple DBX files for conversion. With the help of this tool you can smoothly convert a group of DBX files simultaneously.

Provides Preview of Converted Mail Components

Once the DBX file is converted to its equivalent PST file, you can have a preview of the converted file. It provides a window pane where you can preview all your valuable mail items, with Attachment, Body Part, To, From, CC and Date Time, thereby providing you a glimpse of the actual conversion results beforehand. This helps in verifying the mail content prior to saving them. 

Simultaneous conversion

The latest upgrade of the software is equipped with exclusive feature of converting multiple DBX files and identities into PST Files. Additionally the latest version allows you to save the converted files in Office 365 and other like MSG, EML, RTF, HTML, PDF file formats.

Saves Mail in Existing Profile

After converting DBX to PST, you can save all your Outlook Express data in a new PST file or append the same to an existing PST or Outlook Profile.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The interface of the software is self-explanatory and guides the user at each step of the conversion process. You don't need any technical expertise to operate the tool for converting your DBX file to Outlook PST. 


Disclaimer: The free trial version shows preview of converted mails without To, CC, & BCC fields.To view/ save all emails and attachments, you need to register the product


1.) What are the features provided with the demo version of the software?

The demo version of the software is restricted to the mail body. It just allows you to save your Converted data except Attachments and headers (To, CC, BCC) of all your valuable mail items. However, in order to view or save all the data and attachments, you need to register the software. 

2.) What is a DBX file?

DBX file(s) (files with *.dbx extension) are the files where Outlook Express stores email messages. They can be found in so-called Outlook Express Store Folder. 

3.) How can I convert multiple DBX files simultaneously?

You can convert multiple DBX files if they are in a single identity. But, you cannot convert multiple identity simultaneously. 

4.) What if, I don't know the DBX file location?

The software provides an option through which you can search for a DBX file. You can use the Find option present in the Select DBX dialog box to find a DBX file. 

5.) Can I append my converted mail into an existing PST file?

Yes. Stellar DBX to PST Converter gives you an option to append converted mails to an existing PST file. 

6.) Where can I find a DBX file on my Windows XP system?

The default location of DBX file on Windows XP system is -> C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\..... 

7.) Can I use this software on Windows 8 based systems?

Yes. You can use this software on systems having Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, & Vista.

8.) Does it support compatibility with different versions of the Outlook Express?

Yes. This software supports compatibility between all versions of both Outlook Express and MS Outlook.

9.) Is it possible to save DBX file into Office 365 environment?

Yes, this powerful utility allows you to save your converted file into office 365 that can be checked online.

10.) I have 40+ accounts in Outlook Express. Can I use this one utility?

Yes, not only 40 even more accounts can be converted by this tool with no hassle.